Telecommunications has become a complex area for all businesses, large and small, and the implementation of business telephone and communication systems can be a costly and time consuming activity. We can assist in the complete supply of telecommunications services and platforms, including VoIP systems, leased lines and virtual private networks.

By utilising IP networks, you can easily deploy remote users using Voice over IP (VoIP), connect to satellite offices and integrate your telephony with your IT network. We specialise in the 3CX software based solution. The 3CX PBX is the state of the art IP based platform that can be tailored to suit your requirements, from a handful of users to thousands.

Desk Phones
Web Browser
Mobile Apps
Advanced Features
Desk Phones

Business-Class Deskphones from Yealink

The Yealink T5 series is for discerning users with very high expectations of IP phones. Professional in its piano black finish and advanced technical design, the T5 series offers extra-large display screens that make it functional and easy to use.

Advanced features include support for gigabit networks, plus USB Bluetooth support for easy Bluetooth earphone use. Enhanced sound quality is delivered by the Optima HD Voice system which meets TIA 920 certification standards. In the T5 series, Yealink has achieved perfection with performance.

Web Browser

3CX Web Client and Browser Extension

  • Full desk phone replacement, from your web browser.
  • Click to call any number on a web page or CRM package.
  • Switchboard to see all status. Avoid unnecessary transfers.
  • Manage your extension's call forwarding and voicemail.
Mobile Apps

3CX Mobile Apps

  • Start a video call from your smartphone.
  • Easily transfer calls and chat with colleagues.
  • Change your status and see your team’s availability.
  • Secure communication with tunnel encryption capability.
Advanced Features

3CX Call Centre, Call Reporting, and CRM Integration

  • Call queues to individuals or groups using advanced call strategies.
  • Check agent and queue performance with built in call reports.
  • Record calls for legal and quality monitoring purposes.
  • Add live chat to your website and integrate with your CRM.
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