Remote Working


It needs to be easy to communicate with your customers, suppliers, and colleagues wherever you are.


You need to be able to access your tools for work from anywhere, and from various devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


The tools available to your workforce should enable them to be as productive as possible. 

Office Phone at Home with 3CX

Our 3CX systems are built for working remotely, using a desk phone, a web browser or an app on your mobile.

Make, receive, transfer calls and web conference to ensure your customers are kept in contact even if you’re working remotely.

Business communications no longer need to be tied to the office building. 
Joined up Communications

Business Systems with Zoho

Email, Contacts, CRM and Files accessible from any web connection using a web browser or an app on your mobile.

Make collaboration easy with internal colleagues, and share files easily with your customers and suppliers. 

Work remotely with all your office systems, linking all your communication.

"Joined Up Communications for a Joined Up World"

The demand for remote working has increased and its important to ensure all internal and external communication and workforce productivity within your business is unaffected. Additionally, all your business systems must be easily accessible - with our combined telecommunication and business system solutions, you can work from anywhere using many different devices. 

These are just a few things you may be looking for when considering a remote working environment that works for your business. Our 3CX and Zoho solutions tick all of these boxes, and will help you achieve the other goals you may have. As well as our Telecommunications and Business System offerings, we can supply and support a 3CX system integrated with Zoho CRM*.

*Of course, 3CX can integrate with just about any CRM system - find out more here, and let us know if you want this set up. The integration features may vary across CRM systems.